9 Reasons Which Makes Soccer Popular

Whenever i watched the soccer world cup i thought one question that why soccer is the most popular game in the world. The reason behind it is its billions of fans around the world which like to watch soccer games. The last soccer world cup is its fresh example because almost 4 billion people enjoyed the exciting moments of Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup. It means more than half the world population watched the soccer cup.

What makes soccer so popular?

It is unbelievable how people like soccer game around the world. Soccer is the only game in the world which have a large number of fans from all over the world. Explaining why people are so passionate about soccer game is very hard a fan like me. But i will describe some solid reason that which factors make soccer so much popular.


One of the most significant reasons why soccer is so prevalent is on the grounds that it is so cheap to play. Sometimes you don’t even need a soccer ball. I played to much soccer game from my childhood with anything which i found like plastic bottle, tetra-pack etc. These items would be perfect for soccer training. The soccer game is also played in a very low budget.

Can be played anyhow anywhere:

The soccer game is played indoor or outdoor. Another thing that gives soccer game advantage on other sports. You can enjoy soccer game with 11 vs 11 players in an outdoor game and 5 vs 5 players in the indoor beach game. You can also play an indoor soccer game on the turf field with 7 vs 7 payers. But FIFA World Cup played in outdoor grounds.

Focused on the player

Soccer is mostly player-focused game as compare to other games. In the soccer game, one individual player can change the complete picture of the match by its extraordinary performance. So, a player has complete opportunity to make his own decision immediately in the game as compare to other sports.

Simplicity: Easy to play:

It is one of the easiest sports game to understand and play. If you are watching first-time soccer game then you must need to aware its rules to enjoy the outstanding moments of this game. The basic rules of a soccer game are very simple and easy to understand. The duration of a match is 90 minutes and player is not allowed to touch the ball with hands in the ground the only goalkeeper has right to touch the ball inside the limited area near goal post otherwise it considered a foul. Some other rules of a soccer game are offside, corners, penalties, yellow or red cards.


Soccer is a very famous game from the past couple of centuries. FIFA change the rules in soccer with the passage of time and that’s the only major reason for soccer game popularity. Now soccer is played in almost every country in the world as compared to other games. FIFA also performed his duties very well to extend the soccer game in the world.


Soccer has a very big market around the world because of his marketing the soccer federation earned huge amount from every single match and soccer world cup. The media channels tried their best to get the main broadcasting rights before every big title of a soccer game to earn a good income because of his popularity it is a very good business for the media industry.

Leagues all around the world:

Leagues from all over the world are also the main reason for its popularity. People like to watch different leagues which are played in different countries. Leagues continuously start in every part of the world for a complete year. Some famous leagues are in soccer game UEFA Champion League, La Liga, Premier League, Dream league soccer kits, Serie A, Bundesliga, Asian Cup, and much more leagues.

Fans’ loyalty:

Fans are very loyal to their favorite team, club, and player. It’s very hard to control fans in some close matches because of their fans crazy activities. Fans buy their favorite player and team jersey before the match. Soccer is popular because of the loyalty of its fans. Fans loyalty is the key to success in any game.

All players have a chance:


In soccer game all players have an equal chance during the game as compare to some other sports like cricket, and many other games. Every player has the best chance to participate in his best role and win the game for his team and fans. Soccer game rules are too much friendly and easy to understand for any new soccer lover.